Hoberg & Driesch accelerate digitalisation

The Hoberg & Driesch Röhrengruppe accelerate their digitalisation efforts and mirror individual requirements of specific customer segments.

Especially the comprehensive line item business with other tube distributors or the collaboration with large scale industrial customers which is characterised by numerous material call-offs benefit from closely linked and automated processes on both sides.

Via EDI interfaces material (i. e. stock levels, test certificates) as well as pricing or logistic data can be exchanged efficiently.

So far approximately 20 % of their sales are generated completely automated, Frank Jeschke (MD of H & D Röhrenhandel GmbH) confirmed.

From order entry by our customers to material picking out of our fully automated storage system in our central warehouse in Düsseldorf no manual procedures are necessary.

On top of that, the H & D Röhrengruppe was not only capable of completely digitalising all internal material transactions between the individual international subsidiaries within the past 5 years but could also considerably simplify all processes with their main suppliers.